a dream memoir for the movement

#1 Take. Root.

Take. Root.: After Brightest Star Poem #1 from Alexis Pauline Gumbs on Vimeo.

Take. Root. “The destiny of Earthseed / is to take root among the stars.” -Octavia Butler

On Octavia Butler’s birthday I am sharing the first in installment of my dream memoir. 35 poems I wrote last summer in conversation with Octavia Butler’s Earthseed verses and dedicated to Earthseed, a people of color land collective based in Durham, NC. Today’s prompt is “How do you take root?” (Is the emphasis on “take”?) What is your relationship to land and community. What are the politics of where you live and how? What have you learned from failures and setbacks of renting, buying, collectively owning, splitting up shared stuff after break ups of relationships or collectives? Reply in the comments or send me an email at brokenbeautifulpress at gmail dot com!

And dreams are collective resources! Support the Dark Sciences People of Color Dream Retreat happening in Austin, TX this August. More info below:


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    From Dr. Jillian Ford:

    Beaming back to you, Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs.
    Twenty-two 2’s (Can I Kick It?)
    I have always loved how we sync. Your ability to share is goddess-given; I remember you from way back, generations. From Big House to dorm room to rented basement back to Big House to Kareem townhouse on Shawn Wayne Ct. Horses with gold. blinged-out. hoof-plates. (?). To purchase a condo I’m only 23. To rented townhouse with love of my life. then. To foreclosure too high for foreclosure for*real all this land is stolen land in the first place. Like your green paper holds value over the cosmic disequilibrium I set in motion by partaking in this dimension of capitalism in the first place. Capital Punishment. Why did it take Dr. Angela Davis to point out what stands in the shadows of our demands for our 40 acres and our mule? Hugh? Programmed values. Too. Bamboozled got Bamboozled. @40acresandamule @zoranealhurston Emerson Zora. Next to gentrified house with best friend sister to brother inter•generational inter•galaxial plus two minus two Parable-of-Our-Sowers-type situation. Back to Big House. Presently: comfy 2-bedroom with tan carpet and my family. Combahee and Next our two newest additions, sisters from the same litter. They are joy. Swimming pool 108 steps washer dryer in “pool house” exercise room flat scream tvs. 3512. Full-time leasing office directly overhead. Door locked. Three full-time employees. Three white women two strangely peace. Madd POC a few white folks too. Globe trotters Kennesaw “natives” all at the pool together. Pool to2twotoogether. Three $ & 6 dimes. I love you Sister Lex. Thank you for giving me life.

    June 29, 2015 at 2:40 pm

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