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#10 Face

#10 Face (After Brightest Star) from Alexis Pauline Gumbs on Vimeo.

“Drowning people/ sometimes die/ fighting their rescuers.” -Octavia Butler

What does it take for us to face ourselves, to face the contexts of our lives honestly? How do we push away those same people who we were drawn to for deep healing when it gets too real? How do we push away the parts of ourselves that feel too scary. In addition to Octavia Butler, this poem draws on Lucille Clifton’s series of poems “Letters to Clark” where she speaks to Clark Kent about the myth of superheroes and how no one can save her from herself and the traumas she has experienced without her own participation.

Looking back, has there ever been a time when you pushed away someone who was trying to help you? Are there things that it is just too hard to face about yourself, even when you see them reflected in other people? How do we save each other from drowning and not elbow each other in our beautiful faces in the meantime?

Please leave any thoughts you have in the comments. And if you’d like to get these poems, get a collage, or have a one on one dream consultation please invest in the Dark Sciences People of Color Dream Retreat: http://www.alexispauline.com/apgblog/cause-view/support-dark-sciences-a-people-of-color-dream-retreat/

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