a dream memoir for the movement

#13 Campfire Art

#13 Campfire Art (After Brightest Star) from Alexis Pauline Gumbs on Vimeo.

“A tree cannot grow in its parent’s shadow.” -Octavia Butler

This poem is about how the histories of our family shadow our work together as organizers. Sometimes the presence of our parents and other people in our lineage and their hopes, dreams and failures loom large in the space. Larger than our intentions. Sometimes the work and legacy of our parents, grandparents etc. clarifies and helps us in our work. I am interested in what your experiences have been. Have there been times where you talked to a collaborator and suddenly realized you were projecting onto them a conversation you really wish you could have with your parents? Do you do your organizing work to honor and help care for your parents? Please share in the comments!

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