a dream memoir for the movement

#15 Walls

#15 Walls: After Brightest Star from Alexis Pauline Gumbs on Vimeo.

“All struggles are essentially power struggles. And most are no more intellectual than two rams knocking their heads together.” -Octavia Butler

This poem is about the walls I have built up to protect myself from you, from trust, from myself. It’s not working. It is also a poem about a city built from blackmade bricks and the struggle for physical space that many people of color think about daily for their families and organizations. What are the walls that support you? What are the walls that entrap you? Why have you built the walls you have built? What are they made of and how are they working?

We are so excited about the Dark Sciences People of Color Dream Retreat coming up in 10 days (and there are more than 10 more poems so the videos will continue!!!) If you’d like to get all of the poems as a pdf or a beautiful print or a dream consultation donate here: http://www.alexispauline.com/apgblog/cause-view/support-dark-sciences-a-people-of-color-dream-retreat/

If you want to see videos of the poems that have been posted so far go to: http://www.alexispauline.com/afterbrighteststar/about/

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