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#7 Planning (Hallelujah)

#7 Planning (Hallelujah): After Brightest Star Poem from Alexis Pauline Gumbs on Vimeo.

“A victim of God may, through learning and adaption, become a partner of God. A victim of God may, through forethought and planning, become a shaper of God.” -Octavia Butler

“Poetry is planning.” -Patricia Torres

This poem is about my ongoing mission to try to wake up before my fear starts to run the show. Some people stay up beyond the point where their fear goes to sleep. Why does fear shape so much of the day? What does it mean to live in a capitalist week? Our dreams and the edges of our days are sometimes the juiciest most transformative moments. What if the whole day, week, year, was shaped like dreams?

What do you think? Do you wake up early? Stay up late? Sneak to the bathroom in the middle of work to write poems? Make a secret blog during meetings? Share in the comments.

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