Support DARK SCIENCES a People of Color Dream Retreat!


Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind and The Revelry invite you to support a love-filled people of color retreat on the magic, technology and practice of dreams!

Perks:  $15  Digital Copy of After Brightest Star: Dream Memoir for the Movement (35 dream poems by Alexis Pauline Gumbs in conversation with Octavia Butler)

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$35 The Audre Lorde Dream Print Pictured Above

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$101 A One on One Dream Consultation/Oracle Consultation with Alexis Pauline Gumbs

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If you want to hear us talking about dreams and magic check out these  interviews

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Where?: Alma de Mujer retreat center (outside Austin, TX)

When?: August 20-24 2015

“We know that ancestors beforeandcomingandnotgone have dreamed us up (are still dreaming us up), and that the future is <— ∞ —>. We know that our dreamworlds are time-folding and -foiling, and available for our deepest extragalactic play.” -from “The Future is Dark” by Almah LaVon

“Black feminist dream work is a risk, a recurring articulation. It is happening right now. Are you awake?”  -from “Daughter Dreams” by Alexis Pauline Gumbs



This is a gathering of our dreams, for our dreams, about our dreams.

This is for Queen Nanny of the Maroons the great scientist of ancestral connection and supernatural presence.

This is for Harriet Tubman who dreamt all night and sometimes in the middle of the day for our freedom.

This for Anna Julia Cooper who the grown folks woke up out of her sleep when she was a child asking about whether we would be free.

This is for Bayard Rustin who strategized and organized for how we could all say, show be our dreams together out in public on the Washington Mall.

This is for Yuri Kochiyama, who dreamed long and across many liberation movements.

This is for Audre Lorde who made poetry out of nightmares and curricula out of dreams.

This is for Gloria Anzaldúa who trusted the walk between worlds.

This is for Joseph Beam who dared himself to dream.

This is for all of us, breathing in the dreams of our ancestors.

sonia dream
“To Love” for Sonia Sanchez by Alexis Pauline Gumbs


This is the first convening of a queer-black-feminist imagined collective dreaming house for people of color.

Because our dreams are crucial and priceless, not only as fodder for 5 year plans at institutions that wake up to forget us, but also as what they are—unpredictable multi-layered prophecies and warnings that love the moon more than the sun, that cherish darkness over light.  Like us.

We are inviting the black power of our dreams to guide the way forward and backwards into the depth of love we need in order to enter an ethical relationship with the planet and each other.

We are welcoming our dreams as both individual well-springs of self-reflection, divine connection and growth AND as a collective resource for community and planetary transformation.

None of us has the whole dream.   All of us nurture priceless pieces of a transformed and transforming reality and so we are here together with the potential to puzzle it out and to develop the part of our existence that moves beyond individuality back into communion.

We are dreaming you up right now.  We have been dreaming each other always.


We are inviting you to enter this collective dream space which is:

  1. the opening gathering for a long-term collective process of valuing, honoring, archiving, sharing and listening our/each other’s dreams

  2. a ritual educational skill-share where we honor the dreaming practices of our ancestors and deepen our capacity to be present to our own and each other’s dreams

  3. a sacred space for queer affirming people of color to trust our intuition and be ourselves


If your organization wants to donate scholarships for your own members (who are people of color excited to be in a queer-invented space) or for the organizers to disburse to applicants donate using the button above or contact Alexis at 


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