Dissertation Doula: Push it Out! (Accountability Coaching)

A doula is a person who assists and supports someone while they are giving birth so that they can have their ideal birth experience and focus on creating a beautiful relationship with that which they have brought to life!  Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your team accountable SPECIFICALLY TO YOU (not caught up in the desires of the department etc) to have your back as you push out this piece of original knowledge and move on into the world that your ideas will make possible!?  That’s me!


It’s that time!  Maybe your dissertation is even overdue!  Get your dissertation out of your big brain and into the world where it belongs!

I wrote my dissertation while at the same time opening up a community school, traveling the country on a speaking tour to raise money for my national experiential archive project and making a long-distance relationship into BLISS!   For many of us the dissertation process takes forever because we stall by reading more, doubting ourselves more and believing in ourselves LESS.  This specific accountability coaching series is designed to remind you that YOU ARE PREPARED to write your dissertation and  YOU DO HAVE THE TIME to get it done.   And I am here to metaphorically rub your back  and feed you ice chips aka to provide writing accountability exercises and coaching calls to make sure you get it done and are prepared to make the most of it for yourself, your future and your community!

As with everything, I am called to work with a select group of visionary under-represented graduate students with inspiring projects.  Email brillianceremastered@gmail.com to set up an appointment for a $25 assessment call!

Dissertation Doula services include:

  • Accountability check-ins via email and phone.
  • Unstoppability coaching calls.
  • A custom plan for how to make your complete dissertation most useful for your vision of your future.
  • Song dedications to keep you moving!

Rates: $250-500 per month depending on dissertation stage.


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