The Belly Blessing: Specialized Feedback

If your research is related to Black women, motherhood, Caribbean women’s literature, diaspora, activist publishing, print culture, activism, queer theory or any related topic, I would love to read your personal statement, manuscript/dissertation/thesis proposal, manuscript chapter, a chapter of the dissertation or (in some cases) the whole manuscript to give specialized feedback.

I provide feedback to a select set of visionaries whose work makes my heart dance and my soul remember how to sing.  Phone consultations about the purpose of your work are required before I read your work.  If I choose not to read your work I will definitely provide you with concrete next steps and other folks to reach out to for feedback.

Belly Blessings include:

  • One reading of your document with written feedback and comments.
  • One phone call to discuss questions and next steps.
  • A song dedication to keep you moving on your inspired path!

Rates for thesis, dissertation chapters manuscript or writing samples: $100-150/hour.

Rates for personal statements: $125

Rates for Syllabi: $95-300 (depending on whether it is feedback on the whole document, one component or partnership in the syllabus creation process.)

Email to set up a $25 assessment call!

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