Dedicated: A Community Accountable Request Line for the Black Feminist Future

Because black feminist bass is the unstoppable heartbeat of the universe transforming.  Because I revise every song I hear to praise your name.  Because a movement is only a movement if it moves…I am excited to announce that my inner internet DJ (Sista-Docta Lex on the ones and zeroes!!) is finally launching a project to amplify black feminist healing and love all over your airwaves!!!!!


Ask for some advice about love, life, the practical or impractical pursuit of black feminism, foolishness at work, self-care, dilemmas or anything that might be on your mind.  Typing a rant about a situation in need of healing in your life followed by the words “help a sista out” counts as reaching out for help and support.

You can reach out to me at


Whether you leave your name or reach out anonymously you will get a song dedication towards your healing, affirmation and transformation of whatever situation inspired you to reach out with much much love from me!


You can listen to songs dedicated to you and everyone else at

or see the links at

@alexispauline on twitter

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