Better Together: Brilliance Remastered Cohorts

After the successful launch of the three course Brilliance Remastered One-on-One coaching curriculum in 2012 we are expanding the brilliance by offering the courses to distinguished passionate cohorts of visionaries in 2013!

The cohort model allows a set of aligned visionaries to experience the life-changing curricula and to benefit from one-on-one attention from Sista Docta Lex while building community with each other.   Doing it together also allows Brilliance Remastered to provide this service at a lower rate.  (However the one-on-one version of this curriculum is still available for those of you who want me all to yourself! :)

Cohort Participants Commit to a 3-Month Experience with:

  • weekly transformative assignments
  • bi-weekly google-hangout discussion sessions with fellow cohort members facilitated by Lex
  • weekly email check-ins with Lex
  • access to Lex’s online office hours
  • song dedications and motivation

all for sliding scale $750-1000 per participant.  Payment plans are available.  I am committed to making this accessible to you!

Participants join the cohort through a phone assessment conversation where we will determine the best way to engage the curriculum.  Email to schedule a phone assessment for $25.  More on phone assessments here.

Here are this year’s offerings! Looking forward to working together!

Coaching Modules:

Jan-March 2014 “My Words Will Be There”:  Eternal Strategies for Sustainable Community Accountable Scholarship  (Apply by December 10th)

This advanced stage of the coaching curriculum is for graduates of the Doing What I Came to Do and Community is Not a Luxury coaching curricula or scholars who are  committed to a specific community accountable educational project in its early design stages.  This coaching process will provide you with a supportive space for transformative curriculum and program development and the tools to build a sustainable ecology for your own community accountable intellectual practice that does not depend on the economy of the university/non-profit funding.  This is a crucial tool-set for scholars who want their work to live in community organizing, to be interdependent with educational institutions, or to create their own educational/activist institutions.  More info here.

Past Cohorts:


Summer 2013 Community is Not a Luxury: Necessary Praxis for Degree Survival*  (Apply by May 20th)

“Look how you print yourself on my heart.” -Audre Lorde

This intermediate stage of the coaching curriculum trains you to implement and build a community of accountability outside of the limits of your university setting.  Community accountability is what distinguishes meaningful intellectual labor from elitist word games.  This coaching module is for scholars who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the communities that inspire them and also activates community as a superpower to sustain your wholeness and to support and celebrate you in your degree process.  More info here.

Spring 2013 “Doing What I Came to Do”: Activating Your Purpose*

*Email brillianceremastered to set up a phone assessment by Feb 15th.

“I am who I am doing what I came to do.”-Audre Lorde

This is the first and most crucial coaching module in the Brilliance Remastered curriculum.  In this coaching process also known as the “purpose-keeper,” I will facilitate and support you in remembering/crafting and supporting an intentional, generative, empowering and energizing greater purpose for your intellectual work.   This process will give you a touchstone for every step of your intellectual work, giving you consistent access to the superpower of PURPOSE which will provide energy and perspective when the going gets tough.  More info here.



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