The Durham Advantage: Deeper Roots

Ask anyone!  I have probably already told them that I strongly believe that Durham, North Carolina is the best place in the world to be a community accountable genius!  I love this place!  So as an act of love to my chosen geographical community and in gratitude for all that Durham has offered to my intellectual growth, I am offering some special Brilliance Remastered love specifically for those of you who are in the Durham radius (you lucky brilliant well-placed people!)

Community Organizations in and around Durham, NC

Audre Lorde’s insights for personal growth and transformation apply not only to individual community accountable intellectuals, but also to community organizations at many stages of organizational development.  I am available to customize any of my existing workshops for your organization and to conduct them at a discounted rate…with no travel and housing fees!

And especially for Summer 2013 check out my custom Summer Lovin’ relationship building retreats for organizations in NC!

Email to set up a phone assessment where we can decide what workshop is best for the growth and development of your organization or group.


Individual Students Based In and Near Durham, NC (Shouts out to NCCU, Duke, UNC, NC State, Durham Tech, St. Augustine, Meredith, Peace, Shaw and everybody!)

  • grad students get DEEP discounts on any of the coaching or advising curricula
  • get the major benefit of in-person meetings in Duke Gardens, central park, my favorite tea spot and maybe even my porch (sign up here for one of our Spring one on one garden walks)
  • get plugged into quarterly mixers I will be hosting for other local community accountable intellectuals
  • undergrads get access to in person application consultations and a special “Never Leaving Durham” series of conversations!

Email to set up a phone assessment and get started!

Colleges and Universities in and around Durham, NC

Hey there visionary administrators, faculty and organizers at NCCU, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, UNC-Greensboro, Meredith, Shaw, St. Augustine, Peace College, Elon, Guilford etc.

Take advantage of the fact that I LOVE WHERE I LIVE and offer your graduate students or prospective graduate students my key workshops on mentorship, community accountability, resilience and wellness and more without having to raise a budget for travel and housing!    I am also available to do ongoing work with student groups, and student services units.

Email schedule a phone assessment so we can scheme up our partnership!!!!

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