Bright Thunder Lightning Strike: One on One Intensive


“Some women wait for something

to change   and nothing

does change

so they change 


– from Audre Lorde’s “Stations”


Brilliance Remastered is now offering one on one all-day intensives for community accountable intellectuals at a major turning point in their purpose vision and mission.  This vigorous intensive is only for visionaries committed to making a major shift and requires a phone assessment to determine eligibility.

The intensive takes place virtually (one day) or in person (multi-day)  and is ideal for the busy (often overloaded) community accountable intellectual who can not add a long-term coaching session to their life, but is ready for the breakthrough!   The intensive requires an in-depth survey in advance and consists of a series of customized activities facilitated by Alexis and (if relevant) Sangodare.  The Bright Thunder Lightning Strike Intensive is guaranteed to provide:

  • customized activities based on the creative/intellectual outcomes you are prioritizing right now
  • real, loving and critical space to reflect on the consequences of isolation contradictions and barriers to your community accountability
  • tangible ways to connect to your inspired purpose for being a community accountable scholar
  • concrete steps for building and connecting to community
  • an ongoing support plan to keep you accountable


Virtual (one day with Alexis): $1000-1500 sliding scale (Lex can assist select folks in crafting a crowdfunder to help with the fee)

In Person (multi-day retreat with Alexis and Sangodare):  $3000-6000 (facilitation, housing, food, and local ground transportation are included)

Email Lex at to set up a phone assessment.

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