Bright Black Broadcast #2: Sojourner Truth

Thursday Nov. 20th at 7pm Eastern Time

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 8.38.15 PMThe Brilliance Remastered Bright Black Broadcast Series is an opportunity for contemporary black intellectuals to glean lessons from black intellectuals during the era of US enslavement.  Anti-blackness and structures of exploitation continue to impact the lives of black intellectuals in the United States.  With guest experts, poetic activities and archival information the intellectuals gathered will support each other in imagining intellectual freedom in our time.


Broadcast #2 is dedicated to Sojourner Truth arguably the first black public intellectual in the United States.  We will look at Truth’s practices as an itinerant intellectual, an artist and a thinker actively working to end slavery and live free as an inspiration and a guide for how contemporary intellectuals can navigate speaking out, survival, sustenance and (not) being for sale in an information economy.


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