Bright Black Broadcast #3: Phillis Wheatley

phillis-wheatleyThe Brilliance Remastered Bright Black Broadcast Series is an opportunity for contemporary black intellectuals to glean lessons from black intellectuals during the era of US enslavement.  Anti-blackness and structures of exploitation continue to impact the lives of black intellectuals in the United States.  With guest experts, poetic activities and archival information the intellectuals gathered will support each other in imagining intellectual freedom in our time.

Thursday December 4th at 7pm Eastern Time

Session #3 is dedicated to Phillis Wheatley poet, prodigy and pathmaking intellectual and will occur on the night before the 230th anniversary of her death.   Phillis Wheatley’s brilliance was co-opted and controlled by her “owners” within the context of the institution of slavery and  after she achieved legal freedom (aka without the funding of the slave-owning family that benefited from her brilliance) she died.  The collection of poems she created as a free black woman is lost to posterity.  Honoring Wheatley’s example of shining through the system and taking seriously the difficulties of intellectual practice outside of enslaving institutions this session will be an opportunity for contemporary black intellectuals to imagine the networks of support it takes to live free.

There are 8 spots for this session.  Reserve your spot at eventbrite here:


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