Free-er Than We Knew We Could Be: A Poem by US Based Feminists in Conversation with Cuba

This past Saturday we gathered to consider Cuba.  After the passing of Fidel Castro some of us thought first of Assata Shakur.  This session was an opportunity to bring the writing and relationships of US based Black Feminist writers, editors and activists (especially Toni Cade Bambara, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Cheryll Greene, Assata Shakur, Alexis De Veaux and Audre Lorde) into our process of reflection.  We noticed that like generations of Black women we have strong desires, forms of longing and vulnerability attached to Cuba. We used those reflections to clarify our sistering in this moment.  Here is the poem we made.

If you want to participate in the last online workshop of the year The Evidence Intensive: Futurists Beyond Fear, check it out here.

Free-er Than We Knewlorde We Could Be

By the participants in the “Without Bridges” US-based Black Feminists on/in/around/with Cuba Webinar

“Sister is a verb.” Toni Cade Bambara

After “Sister in Exile” the first interview with Assata Shakur after her escape by Cheryll Y. Greene in Essence.

 (Inspired by Toni Cade Bambara, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Cheryll Y. Greene, Assata Shakur, Alexis De Veaux and Audre Lorde)


Sister in trust

Sister in listening and holding space

Sister in unconditional acceptance


Sister in distance

Sister in showing up


Sister in living healthy and free

Sister in loving ourselves

Sister in seeing and freeing ourselves from our prisons

Sister with egos aside


Sister in showing our scars

Sister in learning from the ugly

Sister in discernment


Sister in more freedom than we used to

Sister in real rest

Sister in honoring the invisible work


Sister in sweetness

Sister in joy

Sister in gratitude

Sister even in silence

Sister in love


Sister in silliness

Sister in survival truths

Sister in finding our purpose

Sister in availability to purpose


Sister in places we never thought we would be

Sister in life in collaboration

Sister in a way that teaches me to be better to my own heart

Sister in telling each others stories


Sister in shareable salvation


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