Brilliance Remastered Q&A Wednesdays

Alexis Gumbs

Brilliance Remastered Q & A Wednesdays 

Brilliance Remastered will no longer be offering one-on-one coaching or office hours.  Also Alexis has noticed that y’all keep asking her the same questions at social encounters. And she loves you, but as an evolutionary being and a Gemini she don’t really want to have the same conversation over and over again. So while we work on Brilliance Remastered: The Get Yo Life Guide (not the real title of the very real forthcoming book) over here, Alexis is using Summer 2017 to host some recorded Q & A sessions.  These special webinars specifically designed for this transitional moment in the life of Brilliance Remastered will consist completely of answers to the questions closest to your heart regarding intellectual life, community accountability and getting free in/from institutions.    Sign up for the session that best suits your life and offer a question.  Attend and hear the answers live or not.  Everyone who signs up will get the recording and your question will be addressed!

How Did You…?: Brilliance Remastered 101 Q & A Weds, June 7, 2017 6pm Eastern

This webinar is open to anyone with any question related to intellectual work, community accountability, publishing, freedom, life etc.

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Because…: Brilliance Remastered Q & A for Current and Prospective Grad Students  Weds, July 26, 2017 6pm Eastern

This webinar is specifically for people who are applying to graduate school, thinking about applying to graduate school or currently in graduate school who are interested in clarifying purpose, strategizing freedom, finding balance or building alternatives.

Sign up here:

At this point…: Brilliance Remastered Q & A for Faculty, Admins and Independent Scholars Weds, August 16, 2017

This webinar is specifically for people who are finished with school (at least for now) and are looking to craft a community accountable career or to transition from one institutional relationship to a different approach.

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