When Wind and Water Got You: Place, Purpose, Past and Presence Intensive

When Wind and Water Got You: Place, Purpose, Past and Presence: Weds and Thurs August 23 & 24th 3-6pm Eastern


This intensive is for those us listening for place.  Are you listening for signs to guide you as you decide the place you want to live?  Are you listening for guidance on your place in our intersecting movements? Are you seeking more creative and spiritual technologies to use as you listen to the place you love, the place you live, the place that you are from?  Drawing on a forthcoming experimental map and series of vignettes by Alexis Pauline Gumbs in issue 23 of Ecotone Magazine (the vignettes are excerpted from her forthcoming book Dub: Finding Ceremony which draws on the work of the theorist Sylvia Wynter.)  We will use individual and collective mapping, poetry and meditation to face displacement, place ourselves newly and open our senses to what place is teaching us right now.  The course is limited to 8 participants.

Reserve your spot with your $50 deposit towards the sliding scale ($150-250) fee here, and email brillianceremastered@gmail.com with your intentions for the course by August 18th.

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