Big News from Brilliance Remastered: Summer Offerings and All the Questions You Never Asked

Dear Bright Thunder,

I think we all learned a lot over the past few months.  We couldn’t help it.  Or maybe we made a commitment to be deeply transformed.  Or maybe both.  Brilliance Remastered is in transformation too.  First of all, starting this summer Brilliance Remastered will no longer be offering one-on-one coaching or office hours and I will be working on a resource guide (book and ebook) packed with customizable guidance for your revolutionary intellectual transformative life! So now is the time to ask every question you always wanted to ask.  Sign up for a collective Q&A session below!   Secondly, Brilliance Remastered is continuing to host transformative online intensives as part of our Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Transformational Summer School! These are small sessions (always less than 10 participants) so sign up ASAP.

All the Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask (But You and Alexis Were Too Busy to Ever Have Tea)

Alexis Gumbs I’ve noticed that y’all keep asking me the same questions at social encounters. And I love each and every one of you and your specific brilliant lives (that are shaped by the same systemic patterns), but as an evolutionary being and a Gemini I don’t really want to have the same conversation over and over again. So while we work on Brilliance Remastered: The Get Yo Life Guide (not the real title of the very real forthcoming book) over here, I am offering some recorded Brilliance Remastered Q & A Wednesdays Sessions so we can transition together and have so much more fun when I see you this (eternal) summer!  These special webinars  will consist completely of answers to the questions closest to your heart regarding intellectual life, community accountability and getting free in/from institutions.    Sign up for the session that best suits your life and offer a question.  Attend and hear the answers live or not.  Everyone who signs up will get the recording and your question will be addressed!

How Did You…?: Brilliance Remastered 101 Q & A Weds, June 7, 2017 6pm EasternThis webinar is open to anyone with any question related to intellectual work, community accountability, publishing, freedom, life etc. Sign up here.

Because…: Brilliance Remastered Q & A for Current and Prospective Grad Students  Weds, July 26, 2017 6pm Eastern This webinar is specifically for people who are applying to graduate school, thinking about applying to graduate school or currently in graduate school who are interested in clarifying purpose, strategizing freedom, finding balance or building alternatives. Sign up here.

At this point…: Brilliance Remastered Q & A for Faculty, Admins and Independent Scholars Weds, August 16, 2017 This webinar is specifically for people who are finished with school (at least for now) and are looking to craft a community accountable career or to transition from one institutional relationship to a different approach. Sign up here.

black-woman-on-beachSummer Intensives:  In the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind context, summer is a time to leave your comfort zone, make space for transformation and emerge renewed with insights that you will carry forward for the rest of the year.  This summer spiritual intellectual renewal feels more urgent than ever.  Here are the webinars for the next few months!

Water in the Desert: Brilliance Remastered Summer Intensives 2017

obsidianBegin: Seven Possible Futures for the Black Feminist Artist: Weds and Thurs June 21st and 22nd 3-6pm Eastern

In apocalyptic times all futurists are artists.  This is for those of us creating despite everything.  Whether you are a self-identified “artist” or a self identified “black feminist” or a person identifying as some other creative force, some other version of black love you are welcome.  Based on Alexis Pauline Gumbs’s piece “7 Possible Futures” in the most recent issue of Obsidian ( which is an excerpt from her forthcoming book M Archive: After the End of the World), this is a space for us to activate a creative approach to our futures.  To face the apocalypse capitalism has created with exactly the tools capitalism can’t value.  This online intensive will use meditation, individual and collective art-making and a plethora of black feminist references (especially to Jacqui Alexander’s Pedagogies of Crossing) to offer insight and energy towards your creative future.  The course is limited to 7 participants.

Reserve your spot with your $50 deposit towards the sliding scale ($150-250) fee here, and email with your intentions for the course by June 18th.

Becoming Turquoise: Intergenerational Accountability  Mon and Tues July 24 & 25 3-6pm Eastern


This intensive is designed for those of us who are ready to deepen the practice of dedicated art-making, intellectual work, activist work and community building. Who is your work dedicated to? If your work is accountable to multiple generations, how do you generate practice, measures and resources that sustain that work in the moment?  Based on “Xuihatl: Becoming Turquoise” a poem by Alexis Pauline Gumbs in Imaniman (a recent anthology of poetry in honor of Gloria Anzaldua), this online intensive is for old souls and young elders whose work would not be imaginable without deep relationships of longing and accountability to the very old and the very young, the dead and the not yet born.  We will use individual and collective poetry, stone and crystal work and meditation and conversation to deepen and resource our intergenerational work.  The course is limited to 9 participants.

Reserve your spot with your $50 deposit towards the sliding scale ($150-250) fee here, and email with your intentions for the course by July 18th.

When Wind and Water Got You: Place, Purpose, Past and Presence: Weds and Thurs August 23 & 24th 3-6pm Eastern


This intensive is for those us listening for place.  Are you listening for signs to guide you as you decide the place you want to live?  Are you listening for guidance on your place in our intersecting movements? Are you seeking more creative and spiritual technologies to use as you listen to the place you love, the place you live, the place that you are from?  Drawing on a forthcoming experimental map and series of vignettes by Alexis Pauline Gumbs in issue 23 of Ecotone Magazine (the vignettes are excerpted from her forthcoming book Dub: Finding Ceremony which draws on the work of the theorist Sylvia Wynter) we will use individual and collective mapping, poetry and meditation to face displacement, place ourselves newly and open our senses to what place is teaching us right now.  The course is online and is limited to 8 participants.

Reserve your spot with your $50 deposit towards the sliding scale ($150-250) fee here, and email with your intentions for the course by August 18th.

That’s all! Please have the best summer ever.  We need it!


Sista Docta Lex

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