M/otherlands: Audre Lorde and Daughtering in Diaspora


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M/otherlands: Audre Lorde and Daughtering In Diaspora

Feb 26-28 6pm-9pm Eastern Time

“To the average Grenadian, the United States is a large but dim presence where some dear relative now lives…Grenada is their country.  I am only a relative.”

-Audre Lorde, Grenada Revisited

“But blood will tell, and now the blood is speaking.”

-Audre Lorde, Apartheid USA


Audre Lorde paused the publication of her enduring book of essays Sister Outsider to write about her second visit to Grenada, the country where her mother was from and where her parents met.   In her bio-mythography Zami,
Lorde explains that though she grew up in Harlem, her family never considered the United States “home.”  Home was always in the Caribbean.  And yet, as an adult when Audre Lorde “returned” to Grenada for the first time, it was more complicated.  She learned family secrets that had been hidden for years, she found siblings she had never known about, and when shortly after her first visit the US invaded Grenada, she had to decide how to relate to her power and privilege as a US citizen alongside her solidarity with Grenada as a place of shared and distinct heritage, identity and politics, as a majority-Black socialist state.

Many of us have complicated relationships to parentage, heritage and the idea of home.  This intensive will draw on Audre Lorde’s exploration of this theme especially in regards of her lived and imagined relationships with Black women in Grenada and Carriacou, St. Croix, Anguilla, and South Africa in order to prompt our own insights about daughtership, migration, belonging, longing and ideas of accountability and responsibility.  This intensive is for all of us, and with special accountability to participants who are part of immigrant families or who have migrated without their families, those of us who have been displaced through gentrification and other forms of colonialism, those of us who have had to flee political and/or interpersonal violence and anyone who had a complicated intergenerational to the idea of “home.”

Tuition for this three day online intensive is sliding scale $125-275.   All possible payment plans are available. Just let me know.

This intensive is limited to 9 participants.

Reserve your spot with a $50 (non-refundable) deposit here: 

Send an email to brillianceremastered@gmail.com with your intentions (dreams) for the course by February 22nd.

If you cannot attend the course and want access to a specialized bibliography of readings on this topic by Audre Lorde, APG and other Black feminist and transnational feminist scholars (curated by APG) offer a donation of $25 or more with the note “m/otherlands bibliography” here:  

This intensive is part of the M is for M/othering Ourselves Webinar Series, leading up to the release of M Archive: After the End of the World by Alexis Pauline Gumbs on March 9th 2018.  This webinar series offers a deep dive into the key concepts of Audre Lorde’s work as a queer regenerative resource.

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