The Message: Intuitive Permission from the Daughter Dreams Intensive


Today I am in Hawaii listening to new and old messages from whales.  And I thought you, wherever you are might want some permission for listening.  Here are some messages from the participants in the Daughter Dreams Intensive.   And FYI the upcoming M/otherlands Intensive (Audre Lorde and Daughtering in Diaspora) is over half full already so sign up if you want to participate.

The Message


“It is a time when the bearer of hard news

is destroyed for the message

when it is heard.”


Audre Lorde “Blackstudies”



Listen to your intuition and let the heart speak.


There is nothing you can do to save anyone but yourself…but you are precious enough to save.


Shapeshift. Become the earthworm. Journey into the deep dark crevices of Mother Earth and be healed. You can go there in your imagination/reality.


Learn to love yourself. Deeply. Unconditionally. In spite of, regardless of, despite what the world around you and those in it try to make you believe.


Shit doesn’t have to make sense.

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