Brilliance Remastered Q&A Wednesdays

Alexis Gumbs

Brilliance Remastered Q & A Wednesdays 

Brilliance Remastered will no longer be offering one-on-one coaching or office hours.  Also Alexis has noticed that y’all keep asking her the same questions at social encounters. And she loves you, but as an evolutionary being and a Gemini she don’t really want to have the same conversation over and over again. So while we work on Brilliance Remastered: The Get Yo Life Guide (not the real title of the very real forthcoming book) over here, Alexis is using Summer 2017 to host some recorded Q & A sessions.  These special webinars specifically designed for this transitional moment in the life of Brilliance Remastered will consist completely of answers to the questions closest to your heart regarding intellectual life, community accountability and getting free in/from institutions.    Sign up for the session that best suits your life and offer a question.  Attend and hear the answers live or not.  Everyone who signs up will get the recording and your question will be addressed!

How Did You…?: Brilliance Remastered 101 Q & A Weds, June 7, 2017 6pm Eastern

This webinar is open to anyone with any question related to intellectual work, community accountability, publishing, freedom, life etc.

Sign up here:

Because…: Brilliance Remastered Q & A for Current and Prospective Grad Students  Weds, July 26, 2017 6pm Eastern

This webinar is specifically for people who are applying to graduate school, thinking about applying to graduate school or currently in graduate school who are interested in clarifying purpose, strategizing freedom, finding balance or building alternatives.

Sign up here:

At this point…: Brilliance Remastered Q & A for Faculty, Admins and Independent Scholars Weds, August 16, 2017

This webinar is specifically for people who are finished with school (at least for now) and are looking to craft a community accountable career or to transition from one institutional relationship to a different approach.

Sign up here:

searching: possession and possibility

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-59-49-am“Loves music.  Loves dance.  Loves the moon.  Loves the Spirit.  Loves love and food and roundness. Loves struggle.  Loves the Folk.  Loves herself.  Regardless.” –Alice Walker (From the definition of Womanism)

Last night during the Brilliance Remastered online intensive Dig: Womanist Archeologies we dug more into the meaning and impact of womanism as a poetic term and a sensual possibility.   We engaged the moves in Alice Walker’s definition of womanism from adult discipline of girl-children to transformative mother/daughter conversation/provocation mode.  And we focused on what it really takes to love ourselves and the folk regardless.  We made long luscious lists about our love and pondered about the relationship between all that love and those mountains of work.  We reveled in the abundance of our love and its specificity.  And then we thought about what David Scott says about the “the archeology of black memory” and what is disappeared and obscured.  And what about us?  What about the dirt we don’t own up to, to preserve the sense of self we have right now?  So we asked ourselves again what loving ourselves “regardless” meant.  Regardless of what?  And we named all those things that come up for us as obstacles to loving ourselves,  and all that stuff in the dirt that disguises itself as self-love but is really just personalized capitalist aspiration and we dug it up and declared our love more powerful.   And then we asked ourselves what loving the Folk “regardless” meant.  And who are the Folk anyway? And we looked at what comes up between us and our Folk, and even the people who would not identify as our Folk and even the Folk who would not claim us as their Folk and we declared that love IS love regardless. And we celebrated the power of love to be enough it itself.  We celebrated the power of love to have infinite forms and not to have to meaning liking and being around all the Folk at all times.  We celebrated the enduring presence of love REGARDLESS of where we are on our journey and where are Folk are on their journey too.    And love forgave us for all that hidden regard we had been giving to the not-love outgrowths of systemic oppression and reminded us that she has always been here regardless.  Dirty and divine.

With the clearing, composting and transformation we experienced we decided to name what we are growing, what we desire, what we are searching for right now, as fecund and creative and in plain sight and subversive as the garden.   Enjoy!

And again if you want to join us in the future…here is the email list!


Sista Docta Lex

searching: possession and possibility

by the participants in Dig: Womanist Archeologies


after Alice Walker’s “Searching for Our Mothers’ Gardens”


searching for our ancestors’ truth

searching for our ancestors’ voices

searching for our grandmothers’ drive

searching for our grandmothers’ grit

searching for our mama’s resilience

searching for our mother’s wisdoms

searching for our fathers’ words written on our hearts

searching for our brothers’ love

searching for our sisters’ hands

searching for our sisters’ communion

searching for our sisters themselves


searching for our mentors’ archives

searching for our teachers’ wisdom

searching for our loved ones’ messages

searching for our lovers’ hearts

searching for our folks’ forgiveness

searching for understanding of the complexity of loving others


searching for our own magic

searching for our womanish knowing

searching for our full moon’s illumination

searching for our memory’s secrets

searching for our longing’s songs

searching for our destiny’s signposts

searching for our spirit’s nourishment

searching for our intuition’s brilliance

searching for our ability to self-care ourselves

searching for our childselves’ playfulness

searching for our moments of remembering to breathe

searching for our own fire

searching for our flesh’s sanctuary

searching for our hearts desires

searching for our dirt’s divinity

searching for our spirit’s hope

searching for our oldest knowing

searching for our deepest healing

searching for our highest good

searching for our guides’ trust in the universe

searching for our belief in our own power

searching for our place among the stars

searching for our plot of ground to dig up and be reborn


searching for our silver lining

searching for our purpose’s birth

searching for our life’s callings

searching for our moment’s tools

searching for our city’s redemption

searching for our community’s home

searching for our society’s conscience

searching for our love’s calligraphy

searching for our time’s anthem

searching for our society’s turning point

searching for our waiting portals

searching for our movement’s breakthrough

searching for our revolution’s dances

searching for our community’s understanding

searching for our community’s blessing

searching for our communal healing

searching for our blackness’s blessings

searching for our leaderless leap


searching for our mothers’ smiles

searching for our daughters’ futures

searching for our children’s freedom

searching for our freedom’s names


Returning: Deep Reciprocity from the Dig Intensive

15825888_10102895846137922_8205230617123903449_nLast night was the first session of the Brilliance Remastered online Dig: Womanist Archeologies Intensive.  We offered up our layers, listed everything we could recognize about ourselves and then asked, what’s under that? And what’s under that? We made a space for our multi-layered muddy dirty water reservoir secret cave core of the earth selves to be present.  We gave ourselves permission to learn from every layer of our being.  We grave dug for the relationships to work that haunt us, through the legacies of Zora Neale Hurston’s fear of being forgotten and craving a “cemetery for the illustrious negro dead” through to Alice Walker who bemoaned the “mountain of work” ahead of her generation which she felt must work “as if we are the last generation capable of work” so that their books and dead bodies wouldn’t be lost to history like Zora’s was until that same Alice Walker went digging for her.   We looked at what it might mean to be grateful for the major work our elders and ancestors did in order to make themselves legible to us in print while at the same time not taking on a tradition of working ourselves to death or in a way that harms our relationships in practice.   Pause right there.   Deep breath.

We thought about the moment when Akasha Hull challenged a room of hardworking black feminists gathered at the Feminist Poetics Conference in honor of June Jordan to consider loneliness and whether it might be time to focus on our relationships more than the tangible objects (like books, essays and manifestas) and historical victories we have cherished thus far.

(You can watch the livestream of that amazing conference organized by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan here by the way:

We excavated the layers of labor in our lives.  We shifted “working like there is no tomorrow” (a phrase in Barbara and Beverly Smith’s collection of black feminist letters) into a serious question about what on our long work lists we would still do if there literally was no tomorrow.   We gave ourselves permission to evolve.  We gave ourselves permission to let go.  We turned mountains of work into rivers of reciprocity and recognized intergenerational urgency as a gift, instead of a burden.   We took responsibility for a present and a future where we honor the hard work of previous generations by working softer and with more intimacy than we thought was possible.

And we wrote you a poem about the deep reciprocity this type of layered lovework takes. See if you can take on one of these mottos and refine your day with it.

If you want to be on the email list for future online and in-person intensives join that number here:


returning: deep reciprocity  

by the participants in the Dig: Womanist Archeologies Intensive


my motto

as I live and learn

is dig and be dug

in return”

-Langston Hughes



love and be loved

in return

inspire and be inspired

in return

see and be seen

in return

shine and be shown

in return

dig inside and be discovered

in return

change and be changed

in return

connect and be connected

in return

give and be delighted

in return

move and be energized

in return

fly and be fly

in return

meditate and be grounded

in return

release and be peaceful

in return

stand up and be visible

in return

speak and be heard

in return

listen and be wiser

in return

gather and be community

in return

write and be with everyone

in return

write and be fulfilled

in return

practice and be impractical

in return

breathe and be free

in return

praise and be danced

in return

dance and be embraced

in return

rock and be rocked

in return

touch and be touched

in return

kiss and be kissed

in return

nurture and be fed

in return

cook and be nourished

in return

dig and be found

in return

See You on the Other Side: Journey Poems for Fugitive Intellectuals

be8d1fc926e01b60141982944e8c123cAs we closed our How She Knew: Fugitive Epistemologies Intensive last week we meditated on the queer distance between here and free.  Is it time?  Is it space?  What other forms of materiality and relation grace the distance?  Using writing as a reflective surface, sound as a place to go and poetry as a skeleton architecture (ask Audre Lorde about that) we looked across.  Using actual mirrors we looked in, we relearned the frame, we time-traveled and teleported to earlier and future possible truths.   Between here and free?  It seems like a distance charted through triangulation (but that happened already), maybe more like a circle.  Probably technically a sphere.  Ask Zora. It’s somewhere (here.)

We offer our closing poem as a map and journey-song for our fellow fugitives.  And of course if you want to see if all there is between here and free is layers and layers of attenuated meaning (ask Spillers about that) and dirt (ask Alice) join us this week for Dig: Womanist Archeologies.  Today is the last day to sign up.  <3

See you on the other side.


Sista Docta Lex


See You on the Other Side: Journey Poems for Fugitive Intellectuals

by the participants in the How She Knew: Fugitive Epistemologies Webinar


the voice that never died

see you on the other side


deep seating knowing, never forgotten

see you on the other side


being here for you and me and all at the same time

see you on the other side


heart’s wanderings

see you on the other side



see you on the other side


new limits

see you on the other side


more questions

see you on the other side


the story of Ferdinand

see you on the other side


all bills autopayed from an account that never overdrafts

see you on the other side


joy in the morning

see you on the other side


my bald and brilliant brain

see you on the other side


smiling brightly

see you on the other side


exercises of freedom

see you on the other side


sunshine on my belly

see you on the other side


baby foreheads

see you on the other side


new flesh

see you on the other side


freedom’s free child

see you on the other side


Alaina’s dreams

see you on the other side


creative presence of praxis

see you on the other side


Ouida’s farm

see you on the other side


graduation day

see you on the other side


great grandma’s story

see you on the other side



see you on the other side


all my people and the people they bring

see you on the other side


beautifully aging

see you on the other side


love and life from the eyes of an 11 year old

see you on the other side


sweetness everlasting

see you on the other side


the free and naked future

see you on the other side


the food that feeds us fully

see you on the other side


us whole

see you on the other side


the gathered grateful generations

see you on the other side


everyone who ever lived helping to free us

see you on the other side

above everything, despite everything: a love poem for our fugitive knowing


Waves in the Ocean by Viv Logan. From the cover of M. Jacqui Alexander’s Pedagogies of Crossing

Last night we swam deeper into the How She Knew: Fugitive Epistemologies Online Intensive.  We dedicated lines of our first group poem to our loved ones.  We shared about our journeys of creating criteria for our own boundaries, allowing our fears to ask for love, allowing our dreams to teach us generations.  We experimented with hot water, quilt pieces and greens, creating catalogs of cleansing for what we are ready to release, inventories of freedom patterns worn by the people we love and storehouses of practices that nourish and feed our spirits.  So much clarity and abundance.  For me, the major lesson was about a shift in tone.  What happens when I free myself from what “i know i need to do” and open myself up to what “i know is there for me, when i need it”?  Everything.  That’s what happens!

This group poem is about our dedication and commitment to the continued journey of knowing what capitalism don’t want us to know and slavery don’t want us to remember.  Use it as an affirmation and invitation that your deepest knowing may rise and know you are calling for it.

And again, if you want your own opportunity to dig deep, join us next week for Dig: The Womanist Archeologies Intensive.


Sista Docta Lex


above everything, despite everything: a love poem for our fugitive knowing


by the participants in the How She Knew: Fugitive Epistemologies Intensive


“i couldn’t see anything but I understood there was something above everything. above everything despite everything I would find fresh air and breathe again. Above everything despite everything I would free you. my best idea yet.” 

-from Spill: Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity



above everything

despite everything

you are still here


above everything

despite everything

you are here for me


above everything

despite everything

you will not be thrown away


above everything

despite everything

you already know


above everything

despite everything

i still know you


above everything

despite everything

i can still hear you


above everything

despite everything

i will find you


above everything

despite everything

i am here for you


above everything

despite everything

the water wont stop me


above everything

despite everything

i am listening


above everything

despite everything

i hear your voice


above everything

despite everything

i trust myself


above everything

despite everything

i would choose you


above everything

despite everything

i would choose me


above everything

despite everything

the sky is witnessing


above everything

despite everything

love renews itself


above everything

despite everything

freedom is free


above everything

despite everything

joy remains


above everything

despite everything

God might not want to be called that


above everything

despite everything

color can create but can it hold all of you?


above everything

despite everything

we are still here


above everything

despite everything

we are gathered


above everything

despite everything

we are breathing


above everything

despite everything

we are singing


above everything

despite everything

make love


above everything

despite everything

follow your desires


above everything

despite everything

bring your magic


above everything

despite everything

ask them why


above everything

despite everything

be reliable


above everything

despite everything

let go


above everything

despite everything

make the time


above everything

despite everything

love love love


above everything

despite everything

tell it. TELL it!!

This and This and This: Discernment and Divination from the Fugitive Epistemologies Webinar

lg6zrvv8Last night was the first session of How She Knew: The Fugitive Epistemologies Intensive and we made a shared sacred space out of our knowing and growing in this moment and beyond time.  We honored the people who have known us and grown us, we reflected on what the extended prayers of our given and chosen names have taught us and are teaching us now.  We activated the first chapter of Spill as an oracle for our questions for the new year.  We undressed our fears.  We remembered the difference between nourishment and nonsense. We remembered our assignments for this next stage of our knowing.  We redefined the words that shape and limit our action.  We celebrated the tough love of black teachers and remembered that life itself is a black teacher. We looked again newly at the same situations and divined and discerned their lessons.  We listened with generosity and love.  We held each other’s families and futures in our hearts.  And this was just day one!!!!

Check out this discernment poem and use it to look at the challenge, intention or question that you are starting the year with. Imagine that every line is an assessment of the challenge you are facing right now.

And if a love-filled process of digging deep sounds delicious to you, sign up for next week’s intensive:  Dig: Womanist Archeologies.


This and This and This: Discernment and Divination

by the participants in “How She Knew: Fugitive Epistemologies Webinar”


It looks like a pause.


It looks like clarity.

It looks like gut feeling.

It looks like honoring your sacred.


It looks like moving in intention.

It looks like moving in what you know.


It looks like how you break open.

It looks like what is broken open.

It looks like unfolding deeper than deep thought it could go.

It looks like vulnerability claiming.

It looks like why you invite sight to or away from a vantage point.


It looks like been there done that.

It looks like discernment.

It looks like trusting again.


It looks like your listening.

It looks like knowing love is you.


It looks like life giving.

It looks like freedom teaching freedom.

It looks like growth growing growth.

It looks like love finding love over and new again.


It looks like seeking the sweetness.

It looks like sweetness.

It looks like wild forgiveness.


It looks like dance in all its dynamic brilliance.

It looks like a zeal to remain wandering with life.


It looks like movement.

It looks like freedom.

It looks like change.

It looks like me.

It looks like yes to you.


It looks like being my word.

It looks like commitment to my truth.

It looks my own open eyes.

It looks like your purpose.

It looks like closer to you.

It looks like giving way.


It looks like liberation.

It looks like the first star.

It looks like a tender honey comb.

It looks like fear and spilling over anyway.


It looks like everything else I was ever afraid of

(and still did with grace and excellence).

It looks like everyone is ready to support and celebrate.

It looks like the version of myself that has already proven everything.

It looks like how I already got over.


It looks like oceans.

It looks like generations.

It looks like eternity.

It looks like more.


It looks like it is.

It looks like this and this and this.


Dig: The Womanist Archeologies Intensive


Weds-Friday, January 11-13, 2017 6pm-9pm eastern

This intensive is for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of womanist practice, expanding their idea of the archive, and finding ways to research and listen without reproducing patriarchal and capitalist values.

Drawing on Alice Walker’s work, her concept of work, her digging for Zora and her poetic invention of womanism, this intensive looks at Walker’s work itself as a planting, excavating and harvesting ground for generations of long-memoried, ready-to-be-nourished seekers.  Invoking the work of Hortense Spillers, Michelle Wright, Saidiya Hartman, Katherine McKittrick, Cheryll Greene, Kai Barrow and more, this online intensive will be a place where we reconceptualize mothers, gardens, and the dirt that has (not yet) been done.   Come ready to get virtually dirty and to dig deep.

Registration is limited.  Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit here and write “Dig Intensive” in the note section: 

Full tuition is sliding scale $185-225.  Payment plans are available.  Your deposit goes towards the full tuition.

Email with your goals for the course by Monday January 9th.

How She Knew: The Fugitive Epistemologies Intensive #spill


detail from Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle’s “Now There Are Three Ways to Get This Done: Your Way, Their Way or My Way”

January 4-6, 2017  6pm-9pm Eastern 

*epistemologies = ways of knowing

The Spill Series is a monthly group of 10 webinars activating the literary archive, technology and text of Spill: Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity as a resource for our far-flung community of freedom seekers.  (You don’t have to have read Spill to participate, but you might as well read it anyway :)

Fugitive Epistemologies is based on the first chapter of Spill “How She Knew” and honors black women’s intimate ways of knowing.  Drawing on the chapter’s literary influences (Audre Lorde, Toni Morrison, Gwendolyn Brooks) and using the chapter itself as oracle and meditation, the purpose of the intensive is to start the new year and time of this renewed blatantly violent global regime with access to forms of knowing that go beyond the dominant news media, beyond intellectual reaction catch phrases and beyond the systemic pull of institutions to make fear fundable.

This online intensive is for freedom-seekers who are interested in intimate knowing, knowing otherwise, refusal as knowledge and trusting forms of knowledge that have been criminalized.  Some of the forms of knowledge we will explore together will include working with dreams, divination, internal and external meditation and recipes.

Registration is limited.  Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit here and write “How She Knew Intensive” in the notes section: 

Full tuition is sliding scale $185-225.  Payment plans are available.  Your deposit goes towards the full tuition.

Email with your goals for the course by Monday, January 2nd.

Sunday Morning Soul Evidence– from the Evidence Intensive

daddy-looking-outThis past week’s Evidence Intensive online and Evidence writing workshop for futurists in Durham were miraculous.  I am so grateful to everyone who participated, I am so moved and honored to be living in this time with you.  Today is the half-birthday of my father, Clyde Gumbs who joined the ancestors in late October.  My half-birthday is tomorrow. The last communication I got from my father was the name of a maternal Shinnecock ancestor of mine seven generations back. Granny Tatum.  I wonder what she did on Sunday mornings while she survived colonialism, and especially the complicated adoption of church practices within Shinnecock community.  I wonder what she prayed for and how I am living into those prayers.

I am honored to share with you a group poem created by the online participants in the Evidence Intensive, which I also used to open and bless the space of the in-person Evidence workshop in Durham.  It means so much to me to be supported by a far-flung and local community of people who care deeply about the future and who invest in my work to play a visionary role in this community in ways that quite literally put food on my table and keep me alive.   In the short story “Evidence” a future researcher named Alandrix is trying to historcize this time.  Alandrix (Drix for short) wants proof of what we did in this “time of the silence breaking” and longs to theorize exactly how it impacted the current world of the story, a world free from sexual violence.  At some point though Alandrix wonders in the research notes whether they are looking for external proof for something their soul already has evidence for.

This poem honors that part of you that travels generations, that knows beyond knowing and that allows love to travel from this moment beyond everything we currently understand.

Again, if you want to be on the list to get emails about next year’s online courses, sign up here.   If you want to be on the list to know about local events happening in the Durham area, sign up here (and check the box for “local”).  And if you want to get Without Apology, my father’s book of poems in honor of Black women, check it out here.


My Soul is Evidence


by the participants in the Evidence Intensive


my soul is evidence of intentional laughter

my soul is evidence of truth telling children


my soul is evidence of mountain strength

my soul has evidence of the sacredness of horses

my soul has evidence that rocks and stones are alive

my soul is evidence of waves crashing and receding

my soul is evidence of the healing power of salt

my soul is evidence of the iridescence of the walls of caves

my soul shows evidence of my father’s eyes


my soul is evidence of the trail of tears

my soul is evidence of the dreams of MAAFA

my soul is evidence of the dreamers’ power

my soul is evidence of the resilience of the elders

my soul is evidence that genocide fails and empires fall


my soul is the evidence of my ancestors laughter and prayers

my soul is evidence that Black is vibrance

my soul shines black with evidence of refusal and rebellion

my soul is evidence of queerness at its sparkliest potential

my soul is evidence of the strength of the daily strange

my soul has evidence of the secrets and mysteries that allow my people to survive that which was not meant to survive

my soul has evidence for miracles in dark places

my soul has evidence that Harriet actually saved millions

my soul has evidence that Black slang carries the secret codes of freedom

my soul has evidence that we have always been brilliant, that we are brilliant right now


my soul is evidence that the harm is real and not just in my head

my soul has evidence of receipts on receipts on receipts

my soul has evidence of wounds that scar but not kill

my soul is evidence that the shift is possible

my soul has evidence that truth is the way forward

my soul has evidence that Audre was right to say speak, though we are afraid

my soul is evidence that it is okay to break, break wide open

my soul has evidence of the power of the breath

my soul has evidence that Black feminism LIVES!!!!



my soul has evidence of you now all up in it

my soul is bursting with evidence of baby love

my soul is evidence that survival is sweet

my soul is evidence that tenderness is powerful and profound

my soul has evidence of sacred storytelling

my soul shapes evidence out of longing and listening

my soul is evidence that we can heal, we are healing, we will continue to do so

my soul has evidence that can and will be used in the service of truth and witnessing and healing

my soul carries evidence for the truth tellers to come

my soul has evidence for future archivists to know how much we fought for justice

my soul is a reflection and whispers of unborn legacies yearning for us to make the way


my soul has evidence that stars are using right now

my soul looks back and does not wonder but knows what it knows

my soul lives to love you

my soul has evidence for every dream you’ll ever have

We Let Go: Revolutionary Release from the Evidence Intensive


Last night was the first session of The Evidence Intensive: Futurists Beyond Fear.  We gathered together as evidence of our ancestors and the legacies of movement work that have made us possible.  We called in our communities of accountability.  We described the insides of our hearts and what we found there. We time traveled through our own lives unearthing wisdom, trauma, and longing from the different past and future ages of our own lives.  We offered ourselves the archives of our own lives and reached for wisdom from our future elder selves to provide wisdom for this moment.   We chanted, sang, hum, scatted, drummed and stomped “love is the most important thing” until every part of our bodies knew it and every age remembered.   Here is the group poem we made about letting go.  Can you choose one of these ways of letting go to focus on today?

If you want to participate in next year’s webinars and intensives join the Brilliance Remastered email list here.

We Let Go


By the participants in The Evidence Intensive: Futurists Beyond Fear


“We did it. We shifted the paradigm. We rewrote the meaning of life with our living. And this is how we did it. We let go.” –from “Evidence”



letting go of feeling like there is never enough time

letting go of victimhood

letting go of missed opportunities

letting go of the pain in our backs from previous betrayals

letting go of the grief held in our bodies for all those who have passed

letting go when/where my ancestors could not

letting go of every shred of doubt that we make a difference in the world

letting go of every single temper tantrum

letting go of the old dust that has settled on our fire and is choking out our breathing

letting go of not breathing and fear of not breathing

letting go of fear of missing out

letting go of fear of being abused

letting go of fear, FOR REAL THIS TIME, I am taking fear off the pedestal I’ve had it on and replacing it with FIERCE POWER


letting go of not knowing

letting go of judging people who we feel aren’t as ‘enlightened’

letting go of anger at people who are so flaky

letting go of being right

letting go of playing small

letting go of needing others’ approval

letting go of guilt and shame

letting go of having to prove anything to anyone

letting go of apologizing (especially as women)

letting go of pretense

letting go of preconceived notions

letting go of tight constriction

letting go of the happy ending

letting go of resolution

letting go of self-recrimination

letting of trying to do everything and ending up exhausted

letting go of having to do it all

letting go of every message inside me head that contains the word “should”

letting go of control

letting go of this bra

letting go of capitalist expectations (girl, bye)

letting go like #sorrynotsorry


letting go of doubting our own brilliance and capabilities

letting go of regret

letting go of others’ expectations of me, even when they are people I love so dearly

letting go of those who will not meet me on the bridge, I can love me and them too, and still let go

letting go of what “never was but could have been” between me and all those lovers

letting go of the story about how i am always and will always be misunderstood

letting go and loving who and what is right in front of me

letting go of the need for proof, my soul is evidence


letting go of belief systems rooted in a perspective of lack

letting go of limited visions defined by consumerism

letting go of measuring the worth of a day by how “productive” i have been

letting go of linear time

letting go of that capitalist clock

letting go of nice, in exchange for deep kindness

letting go of neoliberal, neocolonialist imaginings to welcome revolutionary possibilities

letting go of survival, embracing liberation

letting go of my old selves, holding onto only the parts that serve me well

letting go of the story that I gotta earn love, remembering it is already all here

letting go of thinking our way to the revolution

letting go of worry, but embracing wisdom, intuition and deep knowing

letting go of pressure to finish the resource guide, it is done and it is wonderful and they all love me even more

letting go of the idea that this dissertation has to be smart, so it can be love instead

letting go and falling backward into a pool of cool, deep water that cleanses all the toxins and toxic energies, leaving me light and ready to receive

letting go so I can embrace the depth of me like oceans, the flow of me like rivers

letting go for peace

letting go firmly in touch with the reality that we’re all in this together

letting go to be grounded and sure

letting go of the weight/the heaviness, making space for that love to come in

letting go to feel again and again

letting go so I can feel lighter, feel what lightness feels like for once

letting go to embrace the lightness

letting go and falling into my dreaming

letting go while being FULLY present with every particle of my body, my spirit, m soul, backwards and forwards

letting go and embracing full and total love


letting go with laughter

letting go with grace and gratitude

letting go with pride in who we are

letting go to the sound of drums

letting go for my grandma and them

letting go for the babies

letting go with the babies!

letting go while dancing the dances of my ancestors

letting go with both hands open, my heart open and my feet stomping

letting go for the futures of those I love but can’t see

letting go with joy and delight

letting go while twerking

letting go while lusting, loving and learning

letting go into orgasmic joy

letting go with TRUST. trust in my intuition, trust in my ancestors, trust in what is to come

letting go with full trust in everything that holds me, including me

letting go sitting on handlebars and enjoying the ride downhill

letting go and never picking it up again

letting go everyday

letting go and arriving in this moment