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In addition to Alexis’s writing and facilitation she has founded a number of projects. Learn more below.

Brilliance Remastered

Brilliance Remastered is about going beyond our critique of the master’s tools in order to cultivate the already existing tangible forms of support that can free us up to do the brilliant work we were born to do inside the academy and beyond it. Alexis had the miraculous experience of a wildly successful and enjoyable experience in graduate school.  She wrote, published, traveled, presented, finished in a very timely manner and was even offered some exciting and attractive tenure track jobs.  At the same time she accessed an ecology of community institutions and autonomous community accountable intellectual projects that allowed her to freely choose to do her passionate work in the ways that would best serve her community and her vision for a transformed planet beyond the scarcity model of academic self-marketing.

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Mobile Homecoming Trust
Living Library & Archive

At the end of the first decade of the Mobile Homecoming adventure we have arrived at the place that inspired us to begin with.  TRUST.  The Mobile Homecoming Trust Living Library & Archive is our answer to the longing and need for physical gathering space, residential stability and accountable care that we found again and again in our community building work with the stewards and stakeholders of Black feminist LGBTQ brilliance. The purpose of Mobile Homecoming Trust is to sustain the lives and legacies of Mobile Homecoming and Black Feminist elders, their legacy bearers and caregivers in a sustainable intergenerational environment. This expands on an existing missions to collect and maintain our library and archive, create opportunities for people to engage the collection and our elders.

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Black Feminist Bookmobile

Gumbs, a queer, black feminist author, had already been running a lending and reference library out of her home for several years. Dubbed "The Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind," the library served as an outgrowth of personal collections from Gumbs and locals Julia Roxanne Wallace and Courtney Reid-Eaton. Bolstered by book donations and other projects in which the three were involved, they’d lend classic texts and let people peruse hard-to-find titles. The trio had talked about their shared fantasy of creating a bookmobile and taking it on the road, especially around their local community. With the Durham Public Library under renovation until 2020 and the selections at local stores lacking, Gumbs and her counterparts decided to take action: The trio is transforming a” bus into what Gumbs called “a tiny, black feminist nerd utopia.”


Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

The Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind is inspired by the mandate of late 20th century Black feminists to end the interlocking oppressions of capitalism, racism, sexism, heteropatriarchy and all related oppressions and to enact, respect and celebrate a meaning of life that teaches that all life is interdependent. 1 It is a “by every means necessary” educational approach, accountable to the community, that uses potlucks, partnerships with community organizations, social media networks, podcasts, buttons, t-shirts, videos, public access TV and sidewalk chalk to create spaces for conversations about how critical engagement with the legacy of Black feminism can inform a plethora of social movements and interested learners in the present and beyond.

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